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P/N Grade Dimensions Magnetized


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OD ID Thickness
CR001 C5  30mm  16mm  5mm Thickness
CR002 C5  36mm 18mm  8mm Thickness
CR003 C5 40mm 22mm 6mm Thickness
CR004 C5 45mm 19mm 8mm Thickness
CR005 C5 45mm 22mm 8mm Thickness
CR006 C5 55mm 25mm 12mm Thickness
CR007 C5 60mm 24mm 8mm Thickness
CR008 C5 60mm 25mm 8mm Thickness
CR009 C5 60mm 32mm 10mm Thickness
CR010 C5 80mm 32mm 12mm Thickness
CR011 C5 80mm 40mm 15mm Thickness
CR012 C5 90mm 36mm 15mm Thickness
CR013 C5 90mm 42mm 17mm Thickness
CR014 C5 102mm 45mm 18mm Thickness
CR015 C5 115mm 45mm 20mm Thickness
CR016 C5 120mm 60mm 20mm Thickness
CR017 C5 140mm 60mm 20mm Thickness
CR018 C5 140mm 75mm 20mm Thickness
CR019 C5 145mm 75mm 20mm Thickness
CR020 C5 160mm 60mm 20mm Thickness
CR021 C5 180mm 95mm 20mm Thickness
CR022 C5 200mm 86mm 20mm Thickness
CR023 C5 220mm 110mm 25.4mm Thickness
CR024 C5 1.25" 0.375" 0.187" Thickness
CR025 C5 1.77" 0.866" 0.225" Thickness
CR026 C5 1.77" 0.866" 0.275" Thickness
CR027 C5 1.77" 0.866" 0.314" Thickness
CR028 C5 2.1" 0.8" 0.275" Thickness
CR029 C5 2.38" 1" 0.28" Thickness
CR030 C5 2.41" 1.14" 0.331" Thickness
CR031 C5 2.8" 1.203" 0.33" Thickness
CR032 C5 3.376" 1.28" 0.425" Thickness
CR033 C5 3.376" 1.28" 0.85" Thickness
CR034 C5 4.54" 1.75" 0.4" Thickness
CR035 C5 5.25" 2.313" 0.75" Thickness
CR036 C5 5.275" 2.24" 0.55" Thickness
CR037 C5 8.858" 4.724" 1" Thickness

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